2-node-supercomputer.net 2023-03-27

Julia's Update-Mania

By default JuliaLang updates its registry on every opportunity it gets, for example when you ]add or ]rm a package.

This is especially annoying when you have packages like DifferentialEquations.jl that update frequently and take a long time to compile. Removing DifferentialEquations.jl is not an option because it is a great package, and I want to use it.

Thus, just to do a few package operations can take a very long time, where "very long" means about 2-5 minutes per operation. That is too much. It is a brake that is unacceptably long and generates a lot of frustration.

Of course, Julia doesn't quite upate every single time. Once in a session, it generally doesn't update again. This is because of the Pkg.UPDATED_REGISTRY_THIS_SESSION variable. And herein lies the solution: Set that variable on every startup of Julia, in the file ~/.julia/config/startup.jl:

using Pkg: Pkg

And, voila, no more update-mania.

Updating now needs to be done explicitly with ]up.