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2020 Campaign Fundraising

Who is raising more money, Joe Biden (D) or Donald Trump (R)? The Democrats or the Republicans?

According to BallotPedia, Biden raised about $822 million, and Trump $558 million.

However, there are also the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC), as well as DSCC, DCCC, NRSC, NRCC. Let's add them to the mix, again using Ballotpedia. The DNC raised $357 million, DCCC $278 million, DSCC $209 million. The RNC got $604 million, NRCC $214 million, NRSC $200 million.

The sum total for the democratic committees is $844 million, and $1,018 million for the republican committees.

Also adding the presidential candidate's funding, we get $1.666 billion for the democrats, and $1.576 billion for the republicans. Is it valid to add these numbers together like that? I am assuming so.

So the difference is a "mere" $90 million, or about 5.6%.

Now, I don't know enough about campaign finance to see if there is something wrong with my logic. I assume the money is all separately raised, there are no other funds I am ignoring, and, above all, I split the country into D- and R-type people. Any of these might not be accurate assumptions.