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Isn't it annoying that on just about every website nowadays you have to click the... Read more button? Just to see what comes next? It turns out next is just a boring rant about some internet UX fad that is really annoying. Nothing more.

Arguably one of the more annoying offenders is Audio Technica. On any given product page, not just do you have to click to expand the Specifications details. No, once you did that, you also have to click a See all... button to actually see enough of the specifications to be of any use.

Why? Why, Audio Technica? What went wrong that you implemented such an annoying feature? And where is the datasheet for the product? Why is it hidden? Where is it hidden? Why can I find a datasheet for only half your products, and only by searching with Google or Duckduckgo.

Such Read all expanding link-looking buttons have been around for a while, and they are one of the most annoying features of online shopping. What went wrong in the UX departments to invent and keep around such nonsense?

Showing walls of text is appalling to customers. So the obvious solution would be to create useful and concise descriptions.

Is that what just about any online shop is doing? No. Instead, they just hide the poorly written and overly lengthy descriptions! Ah, that must be the explanation.

Even alibris does this. Guess what alibris sells? Books. Guess what books are? Walls of text. Let me spell this out for you: You go to a walls-of-text selling website that tries to avoid showing you walls of text. Hm...

The Read More button is especially annoying when there is not much more to... read. Read more

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