2-node-supercomputer.net 2018-01-01

OpenWRT or LEDE? What's up?

OpenWRT and LEDE are firmwares to replace the operating system on your router. LEDE forked from OpenWRT sometime in 2016. Now, it seems they are merging back together. However, their websites don't say anything about this. What gives?

Here is my understanding of it: Yes, they are merging. The changes in OpenWRT are merged into the LEDE source, and then LEDE will be called OpenWRT again.

The re-branding of LEDE to OpenWRT has already happened in the git sources. The details of how the websites will be managed remain to be discussed. I should have kept the relevant links to the forum posts that document this. But I didn't. Oh well. In case you care, it was on the LEDE forum somewhere.

For my router, I need the trunk of LEDE. Older versions don't support it. How is the development process now? Is there a roadmap? Will there be a feature freeze? I would like to know. I'm fine testing fairly new releases on the router. However, I do not want it to crash every other day either. What to do?